Second City legend Jeff Michalski joins the fray



We are honored to have the legend Jeff Michalski, an improv teacher for over 20 years, trained by none other than Paul Sills and Del Close. Jeff has been instrumental in the rise of improv to what we know today. As a producer, director and performer, Jeff has worked with Chris Farley, Amy Sedaris, Mike Myers, Stephen Colbert, Ryan Stiles, and many more.

Last winter Impro Neuf director Terje found himself in a workshop with Jeff in sunny Los Angeles, and was blown away by Jeff's experience and love for the art form. Terje learned so much in such a short time, he can't imagine what he'd take away from a longer workshop! He knew he had to get Jeff to Oslo. If you don't take Terje's word, take Ryan Stiles' or Stephen Colbert's.

“Jeff's enthusiasm and obvious love of improv makes it almost impossible to leave the class without being inspired and with great respect for the craft... Watching him throughout the years, remembering some this simple but effective methods, certainly served me well when I was on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Anyone who has Jeff as a teacher has distinct advantage over anyone else.” — Colin Mochrie

I love Jeff Michalski. He gets it and shares so many great nuggets of wisdom to help you improvise better. Ways to get out of your head and play more honest."” — Jay Sukow

“I have known Jeff Michalski for over 20 years and have worked with him in many capacities. He has directed me in improvisation and sketch and I have written and performed with him. He is uniquely qualified to teach improvisation because of his experience, knowledge and passion for it. He personifies principles like ‘make the other person look good’. He is a treat to watch and learn from. Time with Jeff is well spent.” — Dave Pasquesi, TJ & Dave

Impro Neuf community and Oslo Impro Festival love you, Jeff!

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