The one and only Susan Messing


A true rock star and living legend, Susan Messing is our final teacher and performer of the festival! We are extremely humbled by her grace's presence!

Susan Messing has been an improviser and comedian for over 30 years in the mecca of improv, being a major part of iO Theatre, Second City, and founding The Annoyance Theatre, one of Chicago's mainstays and most influential improvisational theatre.

After seeing Susan in numerous shows spanning several summers in Chicago, Impro Neuf director Terje did the Annoyance Summer Intensive, where he was lucky enough to get one day with Susan. And he was completely blown away! "Susan is one of those teachers I strive to be, always connected, always taking care of you. Honestly, I don't know if I've ever taken away so much from just one day of improv!" - Terje

“Improviser of the Year” — Chicago Improv Festival
“Best Improviser” — Chicago Reader
“Funniest Woman in Chicago” — Chicago Magazine

Impro Neuf community and Oslo Impro Festival love you, Susan!

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