Big Bang* (12h + Show) - SOLD OUT

Big Bang* (12h + Show) - SOLD OUT


14 spots

JEFF MICHALSKI · This workshop features techniques to simultaneously connect with fellow actors and audience, to discover what the scene is about within the first few lines, and to continue in constant connective movement to all actors in the scene. Jeff Michalski employs Meisner techniques to read the other player, Viewpoint techniques to help the actor be continuously alert and reference any stimulus happening on stage or in the house. Jeff helps players discover a kinesthetic awareness to keep them constantly in touch with other players on stage and off. By highlighting moments to break open and unify themes, Jeff synthesizes what he learned from Del Close in the development of long form improv and what Del used to identify the focus of scenes through improvisation at the Second City. By referencing key gestures, physical, and verbal patterns, players will see ways to connect scenes without the need to bridge them with story. By consciously creating gestures linked to language and referencing their ancillary cultural meanings, the player learns to create new and distinct original language shared by player and audience specific to that night’s performance.

*Participants of this workshop may perform in a showcase event at the end of the workshop (optional).

sold out
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