Longform Intensive* (12h + Show)

Longform Intensive* (12h + Show)


14 spots

COLLEEN DOYLE · A 2-day intensive for experienced improvisors. We will work on the skills needed to more easily create fun, satisfying, and successful longform pieces. Scenes are the building blocks of great shows and we will focus on the 2-person scene to lay the foundation—wants, points of view, relationships, and heightening. We will then explore ways to use what we know about the characters, relationships, and ideas we've created to heighten and expand the comedic universe of our shows. Finally, we'll expand on what we already know about editing, openings, and group games to create magical and surprising organic moments on stage--embracing physical choices and trusting group mind.

*Participants of this workshop may perform in a showcase event at the end of the workshop (optional).

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