Make me! 100% PIMP PROV* (6h + Show) - SOLD OUT

Make me! 100% PIMP PROV* (6h + Show) - SOLD OUT


14 spots

ANDEL SUDIK · 95% or improv is giving yourself permission but sometimes it’s nice to grant that permission and be thrown into new choices.

This workshop we will pimp you into characters, premises and scenes. You’ll get to try on a shitload of new characters and choices you never would’ve thought of yourself in a safe and playful space. The ultimate improv trust, the ultimate challenge to your comfort zone. Test your ability to ‘let go’ and play. I’ll invite you to success hard and FAIL harder.

Then in the second half of the workshop we’ll take that commitment, confidence and energy and channel it into creating a short form improv showcase. We’ll learn the game mechanics and get them to work for us so we can retain the fire, fun and freedom while also looking polished. Tackling a variety of short form games through acting exercises and character work, let’s get serious about being fucking funny.

Great for Long Form improvisers looking to expand their character range and Short Form improvisers looking to level up.

*Participants of this workshop may perform in a showcase event at the end of the workshop (optional).

sold out
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