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Performing Teams: Gibberish(NO) - Blimbo(NO) - Troika(CA/LV) - Decent Freaks(UK/US)
Venue: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf
Tickets: 100/60 NOK (Regular/Discount*)
Doors open: 17:45
Duration: 2 hours

Please notice:

- Free seating for all shows.
- Doors close and all shows start on scheduled time.

*Discount for: Performers, volenteers and workshop participants



Gibberish is a crack SWAT-team delivering swift laughs and explosive punchlines. This international A-team is armed with superior wit and state of the art improv-techniques. Gibberish takes care of all forms of boredom, soullessness, and other forms of terrorism, with a hundred percent success rate.



Blimbo perform improvised musical comedy. We are here to rock your world, baby!

We serve you strangely lovable characters sprinkled with sweet & sour songs in our unapologetic tribute to the comedy of life.

Blimbo is the love child of Helene Holbæk, Regine Karlsen and Asgeir Døhl Dybvig.



Troika was an idea that formed back in 2017 in Estonia where Anna, Kaspars and Josh first met. After that clandestine meeting, they knew they had to perform together.

They came up with the name Troika, meaning a Russian vehicle drawn by three horses, to represent how the trio of them met and bonded over their shared experiences.

Troika is a vehicle that allows these three improvisors to explore characters, choices, and the journeys they take. And take you along for the ride as well.

Decent Freaks Sepia Close.jpg

Decent Freaks(UK/US)

Decent Freaks is an improv team of two people living abroad and apart: Frances Ransome is a Brit living in Moscow, and Ron Harvey is an American living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Decent Freaks meet in a place or event suggested by the audience. We then do slow, organic improv in which the two characters establish and explore a relationship and personal experiences to create a strong, human connection between the characters and the audience. Sometimes it is very light and playful, sometimes very deep and philosophical, sometimes dramatic and emotional, and sometimes all of the above.

Earlier Event: November 1
Later Event: November 2