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Performing Teams: Fuh Kyeah(NO) - Petunias(NO) - Play(NO) - 3D Improv(NO) - Mustache Support Group(NO) - Anders og Utflytterne(NO)
Venue: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf
Tickets: 60/60 NOK (Regular/Discount*)
Doors open: 16:45
Duration: 2 hours

Please notice:

- Free seating for all shows.
- Doors close and all shows start on scheduled time.

*Discount for: Performers, volenteers and workshop participants


Fuh Kyeah(NO)

Fuh Kyeah! [fʌk ↗jɛː,jɛ!] is an expression that comes from a small country in the south called Gaiberia. It describes a feeling a one gets when his chicken gets stolen, and he is mad about it but also deep, deep inside he is insanely happy because he gets to travel in search of the missing chicken. It is a heart-rending but also a fuzzy and warm feeling.

Improv team Fuh Kyeah will give you a taste of this or some other exotic feelings through their improvised show. They are Natalia Wydra, Varuna Gedda, David Heath, Brigitta Peto, and Dirk John.



Petunias were originally seeded behind the iron curtain, each in their own country, that is to say in Poland and Hungary. After the curtain dropped and their pots were getting too tight they got exported to Oslo, Norway in different curious ways. Although the cold north is not exactly their climate, they got assimilated quite well and found each other while playing volleyball, board games, and joining a certain cult. They teamed up during a duo workshop, and the festival show will be their duo debut.



Blue sky, warm sand and nothing to wear, except flowers in your hair... Do you remember? Days and moments of pure joy, when all you wanted was to PLAY PLAY PLAY? We do too! In fact, we just want to continue the journey. The group PLAY was formed when Benedicte Alnæs, Benedicte Høyland Rabben, Frederik M.J.V, Magnus Aasheim and Øyvind Bedringås met and played with Harold together. S/he taught us how to keep the game going - and will continue to play along with us. Come come - let’s PLAY!!!

3D Improv.png

3D Improv(NO)

They take improv into the 3rd dimension!


Mustache Support Group(NO)

Mustache Support Group’s free-form impro performances are like MSG: happy, tasty, and super addictive! They enhance the flavor of any impro show. M.S.G. are Aiwei, Liban, Terje & Kevin! Mustache Support Group: "We give you and your mustache the support you need".


Anders og Utflytterne(NO)

After living in the most rainy city in Europe for the last five years, «Anders og utflytterne» are used to being indoors improvising. They make funny, absurd, and heart-warming improv. Anders is the godfather of Improbattle in Bergen, Mir is a multi-talented fighter, Steinar is a weird clown, Ingeborg is amazingly emotional and funny, and Stine is sane yet insane.

Earlier Event: November 2
Later Event: November 3