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Performing Teams: Mixer Team(Global) - Land of Giants(NL) - Loose Connections(NO) - Pinterquint(NO)
Venue: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf
Tickets: 100/60 NOK (Regular/Discount*)
Doors open: 18:45
Duration: 2 hours

Please notice:

- Free seating for all shows.
- Doors close and all shows start on scheduled time.

*Discount for: Performers, volenteers and workshop participants

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Mixer Team(Global)

Just about anything can happen when a bunch of funny improvisers from all over the world play together for the very first and last time! They will bang their clever heads together to make the best show possible. Pigs might fly or Viking kings arise from the dead. It is just too exciting to miss out on!


Land of Giants(NL)

LAND OF GIANTS are three improvisers from Amsterdam who are short in stature, but titans of talent. While their fellow countrymen may rise above them in height, these improvisers have turned their attention to building big characters on stage. They explore a world that is bigger than them in every way, weaving through personas, scenarios and objects from that unique perspective and the desire to connect with them and through them.


Loose Connections(NO)

Loose Connections is an international improv comedy troupe in Oslo, Norway. We perform in English (and partial gibberish).
Our playing style is multicultural, multiracial, multi-facial, risqué, taboo, politically-incorrect, imaginative and absurd story-telling. We reserve the right to offend anyone, yet no one… and believe that world peace is always just a world-famous improvised group hug away!



Pinterquint is an improv duo consisting of Arne Marius Ditlefsen and Sverre Breian. Pinterquint started in the spring of 2017, but have been improvising together for several years as part of other groups, both long-form and short-form. Sverre and Arne likes to explore peculiar relationships and odd sides of life. Through their two-person improv show the audience is taken on a journey with characters familiar to everyone, but who few really knows.

Earlier Event: November 3
Later Event: November 3