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Performing Teams: Dybvig&Boge(NO) - Frie Tøyler(NO) - Festival All-Stars(US)
Venue: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf
Tickets: 150/80 NOK (Regular/Discount*)
Doors open: 18:45
Duration: 2 hours

Please notice:

- Free seating for all shows.
- Doors close and all shows start on scheduled time.

*Discount for: Performers, volenteers and workshop participants



Dybvig & Boge does a mix of improvisation and storytelling. The starting point is true stories from the audience and the performers, which will inspire improvised scenes and other more or less true stories. Where is the line between truth and fantasy? In this show this line will be crossed, recrossed and blurred, and at the end, telling what is real from what is made up can be a challenge.


Frie Tøyler(NO)

Frie Tøyler/ No leashes consists of five rather different improvisors, though they all got connections through Impro Neuf and got to know each other at their workshops. The group started up recently and we have already been on our first mini-tour in Nord-Møre and Trøndelag. We are fun. Fun fun fun.

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Festival All-Stars - Buckle up to witness world class improvisation from our experienced All star team. On stage you meet:

Craig Uhlir has been playing for over 20 years and teaching since the turn of the century. Craig’s specialty is the master of putting the FUN in funny. An energy bomb of a performer that always give full throttle

Stacey Smith A musical impro Angel, Oslo Impro Festival is proud to have Stacey as a workshop leader and performer. Stacey perform regularly at CSz, at iO with The Musical Armando and The Deltones, in various projects with The Second City

Jay Sukow has over 26 years teaching and performing experience. He truly believe that improv changes people’s lives and that if everyone took one improv class the world would be a better place.

T.J. Mannix is a veteran improvisor, actor, voice over artist, teacher, and acting coach in NYC for 21 years.

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