• 3-hr workshops (half day) = 500 NOK

  • 6-hr workshops (full day) = 1000 NOK

  • 12-hr workshops (2 full days) = 2000 NOK

Note: full day classes are 10 am - 5 pm (so 7 hours in total, but 6 hours of class and an hour lunch break from 1pm - 2pm).


Workshops will go on sale Saturday 17th August at 6pm (Oslo time).

Sales are done using PayPal. Make sure you have prepared your account when workshops open!


Secure your FESTIVAL PASS offering for 25 % discounts on workshops and many other perks, including 50% off all shows.


  • At Oslo Impro Festival our spirit is to share the stage. Our current policy is to impose a limit of performing in 2 showcases per players (showcases of your choosing). There is no limit on participating in the workshop without performing.

  • If there is a significant need for more workshops after 17th August and beyond, we might be able to offer more, if the need is justifiably big - stay tuned.

  • It will be possible to cancel/transfer workshop registrations free of charge up until 1st of October (see terms and conditions).