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When does the festival start and end, exactly?
OIF2019 takes place from Tuesday, October 29th to Sunday, November 3rd. The first workshop is planned to be from Tuesday 10 am. The last workshop ends Sunday 5 pm. Shows are on the evenings from Tuesday to Sunday. This information will be updated.

What is the (workshop/show) schedule like?
We have workshops during the day, from morning until afternoon. Workshops will be a mix of 3-hour, 1-day and 2-day workshops, so you can set your own pace. In the evening, we will have amateur and professional shows. After the show we may have extra teacher's chat session, officially or with some beers.

I am a professional improv teacher. Can I teach at OIF?
Thank you for the interest! However, this year we do not have open calls for teachers.

Who are the rest of teachers?
We are in the process of booking teachers and will answer as soon as possible. We are very excited about the teachers on our list!

Can I perform? What is your selection process?
YES! Registration opens soon. You can apply as a team and/or individually into a mixer team. There may also be student showcase shows for certain workshops.
As the most inclusive improv community in Norway, we try to accept as many performers as our schedule allows, and not limit to professional teams. For an idea of last year’s performers, see OIF 2018.

How long is a performance slot?
Each performance slot is expected to be around 25 minutes. We will work around the number of applicants and available stage time.

Can I perform MORE? Is there a jam?
YES! We will organize another Oslo Impro Festival marathon, where there will be multiple openings to be on stage during an 18-hour(+) period. Sometimes, our teachers will jump in and play with you!

Where are the events / where should I stay?
All activities (workshops, shows, social events) will be done in our building Chateau Neuf. Slemdalveien 15, 0369 Oslo, Norway. You can stay nearby in the area of Majorstuen, but it is easy to get around in Oslo. Participants find their own accommodation, ask the Hospitality Team for recommendations! We are currently exploring the possibility for accommodation packages for festival visitors.