This year our 6 fantastic teachers will hold more than 14 workshops. There will be a variety of themes to choose from, so everybody can find something they like.


New this year are team workshops - meaning you can sign up to a private coaching workshop for you and your team. In advance of the class you send a video of your team performing and a description of what you would like to acheive/work on. The teacher prepares a workshop specifically for you. Lift your team's performance to the next level with a tailormade workshop from a pro.

Application deadline for team workshops is 15.September and the price is 800 NOK/hour per team independet of your team size.

You can sign up for individual workshops in the meantime and if your team workshops clashes with your individual workshops, you get a refund . 

See workshops TERMS & CONDITIONS



BEGINNER: You have been improvising 0-1 years

INTERMEDIATE: You have been improvising 1-3 years and played shows occasionally

ADVANCED: You have been improvising more than 3 years and played shows regularly



2 HOURS - 400 NOK

3 HOURS - 500 NOK

5 HOURS - 800 NOK

2 x 5 HOUR - 1600 NOK


Sunday 4. november

Few Spots Craig.jpg

Craig Uhlir -

Format Bonanza

11 a.m - 5 p.m (1 hour break)

Tired of the good old montage? Looking for new formats to play and experiment with? In this workshop, Craig teach you how to perform different formats that can inspire you to make the show you want. Open up your horizon and elevate your game by applying the formats taught. There will also be focus on scenework and initiations while applying the new formats. Have fun while learning something useful, Craig will make that happen!

Number of spots: 16

Duration: 5 hours

Cost: 800 NOK

Level: Intermidiate/Advanced


Stacey Smith -

Advanced Musical Improv

11 a.m - 5 p.m (1 hour break)

Advanced Musical Improv is a workshop for students already familiar with the basics of Musical Improv, and are looking to expand their toolbox – or just polish the skills they already have! Focusing on song genre, creating interesting and memorable choruses and putting it all together into musical magic. We will experiment with both organic and narrative forms as well as touching upon many others!

Number of spots: 14

Duration: 5 hours

Cost: 800 NOK

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Arne og Annika.jpg

Arne Marius Ditlefsen and Annika Herrestad - Let's do longform!

11 a.m -1 p.m

In this FREE workshop, Arne and Annika give an introduction to the basic principles of longform improv. Learn how to make strong initiations, create realities, play scenes from the inside out and do emotional characters. Experience playing interesting scenes through active coaching, meaning you’re directed while playing a scene. Let’s jump into the world of longform improv – together!

Number of spots: 16

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: FREE

Level: Beginner/Intermediate


Jay Sukow -

Improv boot camp Masterclass

2 p.m - 5 p.m

From warm ups through short form through long form, we’ll do a whole lot of improv, complete with individual diagnostics and feedback. I won't let you be mediocre. Be pushed past your comfort zone to become the amazing performer you can be.

Number of spots: 12

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: 500 NOK

Level: Intermediate/Advanced